My Friend…

SI frontbeach sunset

I’ve thought of you often today.
As I walk along the beach
The serenity of the setting sun
Gives way to more thoughts.

Everywhere I look
I see your face
Your smile
I hear your laughter
The passion for life in your voice.

I smile as memories
Of our moments together
Dance in my mind
I miss you
I wonder what you are doing
What you are thinking at this moment.

Do you know
The joy
The energy
The intensity
You have brought to me?

Probably not
Unless it is a feeling we share.

The sound of a ship’s horn
Brings me back to reality
I look out at the sea
It is calm
I think of you
And wish you were here.

© Dick Trammell
Sullivan’s Island 1988



Lyin’ in the hammock
listenin’ to Buffet sing,
thinkin’ of friends near and far
and the pleasures that they bring

The songs they have a message;
the words they have a ring.
As I close my eyes and drift away,
my heart begins to sing.

A gentle breeze is blowin’
the palm trees to and fro;
dreamin’ to me comes easy
as the moon begins to glow.

Dreamin’ about the good times
in all the days gone by;
wantin’ to relive a few
’fore time has passed me by.

Think I’ll have another Corona!
Want one?

From the hammock of ‘Summerchase’
Sullivan’s Island, SC