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Truth. Fiction. Photography. Music. Rhyme. Opinion. Pretty much sums up what this blog is about. Hopefully, it will become your periodic escape to see what the “old salt” is writing about.

My late “Dad” got me into boating when he married my mom as I was fresh into my teenage years. He had a lake house and a boat, and was eager to teach me “boating done right.” His boat of choice was a beautiful Borum mahogany runabout, powered by Evinrude. He bought my first pair of water skis and fishing rod. But most important, he loved my mom. Some would call him my “stepfather,” which is true – but he was much more than that.  He was the kind of “dad” every child should have in their life. You will learn more about him later.

Though my career was spent in destination marketing, I grew up with an  imagination that evolved into a love of writing. I wrote my first poem my freshman year of college – and realized writing poetry would never be my “day job.” The birth of our children led to putting more emotions on paper. While living in Raleigh, NC in the ’90s, I bought my first computer, and writing came easier. Thanks to a few good writing instructors, and the North Carolina Writers’ Network, writing became therapeutic. Writing my “great American novel” was interrupted by taking on a significant client that led to the “day job” requiring most of my time and creativity. The result was a multi-year “writer’s block,” as it pertained to fiction or poetry. Hopefully, retirement, a “new to us” boat, and my new writing room will be changing that!

TheWriteBoat was originally a restored 1977 Cargile Cutter Cruiser christened in June 1999 as SunSmiles.   It was the office and media relations “writing room” of my former company, TTTDG, Ltd.. Whether working at the stand-up desk or while sitting in the dinette, the old boat provided the perfect solitude for research and writing, whether for client proposals, reports, business articles, and periodically letting my mind go where the imagination might lead it.  Today, TheWriteBoat, known as “Slow Dance,” is a sweet little 2006 Mainship 34T, as in trawler. Between time spent aboard “Slow Dance,” and the inspirational view from the writing room, I will hopefully be able to pen pictures, words and, thoughts that may entertain you.

If you’ve read this far, I hope the content of TheWriteBoat blog will bring you back from time to time.  You’ll always be welcome!  I’ll make you a promise – you will not get overwhelmed with TheWriteBoat posts.  My plan is to post monthly, though periodically you may receive back to back posts.  That’s the plan because I personally do not appreciate any blog that posts daily.  If you get two posts back to back, it will be for a valid reason.

Scroll on down and check us out.

“Follow the channel in which your life flows.” Thoreau

Oh Captain My Captain

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