One thought on “From Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors

  1. I was at Wiggins this weekend and, sitting on the front porch with friends, told the story of the first time lucas brought the OSPREY up the Chehaw river and tied up to my dock. I had gone over the chart with Lucas a few days before, and pointed out a few sand bars he needed to watch out for.Typical for Lucas, he simply said ” I’ve got it”, and knowing Lucas, I knew he did. I will never forget the Sight of OSPREY as it came into view from the 25 foot bluff that overlooks the river. The sun made her glow, as we heard the rumble of the big diesels, still some 3 miles distant. He was the best captain I have ever seen, equalled only by his friendship.After a weekend of Front Porch Music, Cruises up and down the Chehaw, and great times,Lucas brought the big diesels to life again, loaded up the passengers and crew, and cruised back to Mount Pleasant.

    Lucas, you will ALWAYS be loved and remembered. We miss you my friend.

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