A New “Boatyard Dog” Has Joined Our Pack

Since April 2003, Kippa has been our “boatyard dog.”  When she was five months old, she cruised with us for eight days – without a single “accident” onboard.  In ten years of cruising with us aboard SunSmiles, she never had a single accident onboard.  I think we can reasonably expect her to be a great mentor for Kate.

Kippa, the original SunSmiles girl.  A natural boating girl, Kippa’s mom was a beautiful English Springer and dad was all Labrador.


Kate, Kippa’s new first mate.  Momma was a beautiful Brittany Spaniel and Daddy was a handsome Boykin Spaniel.  She was blessed with the best of both breeds.

Little Kate

Our boatyard girls have bonded like mother and daughter.

The girls

Stay tuned for the adventures of Kippa and Kate.

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