Lonely Sail, Red Buoy

On a foggy January 1, 2011, Lucas Smith took a group of friends and family out on what had become an annual occasion aboard the Osprey, a beautiful 61′ Harker’s Island wooden boat.  We sailed through the Charleston jetties and circled back to the front beach of Sullivan’s Island to try and get a glimpse of the annual Dunleavy Pub Polar Swim.  As our friend and singer/songwriter Clay Rice picked and sang, I was able to capture the “Lonely Sail” and “Red Buoy” pics with a cheap Motorola flip phone.

That day was a joyous occasion meant to mark an exciting New Year for Lucas and the Osprey.  After months of major  renovations and with US Coast Guard approval, Lucas’ dream was coming to fruition. Sadly, it would be the last New Year’s Day that he would celebrate with family and friends. On July 20, 2011, Captain Lucas Smith, died in the crash of his “flying boat.”

Lone sailboat 1-1-11

Red BuoyRed Bouy in fog

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