Long time since last post. Life Happens.

Toast in the New Year with STEW

May 4, 2020.  It’s hard to believe my last TheWriteBoat post was in December, 2017.  That pretty much coincides with launching CruisingTheICW.blog.

TheWriteBoat blog was created to write about life.  The boating part of life has been documented on the CruisingTheICW.blog.  If you’d like to read about some of the cruising destinations, marinas, restaurants, marine services, and things related to “Thinking Outside the Boat,” check out CruisingTheICW.

If you’re just want to read for an escape, we’ll try to periodically write about something that might “float your boat” — with the exception of politics, I’ll leave politics to the Twitter crowd, and a growing number Instagram-ers.

And for the record, I don’t like writing or reading blogs that land in my mailbox EVERY day, so I promise you that won’t happen if you subscribe to TheWriteBoat!

Thanks for taking time to check us out!

Oh Captain My Captain






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