Tonight there’s another angel watching over us. Rest in peace, Sister Margie

Tonight’s sunset grew more beautiful with each passing moment. As the sky turned an increasing glorious golden hue, I raced to the Charleston Harbor to capture it. When I returned home, I learned that my son-in-law’s aunt, and our family’s treasured friend, Sister Margie had passed away.  I am quite certain that tonight’s magnificent sunset was God’s way of welcoming her home. She would have been ninety-one years old on July 3. During her nearly ninety years on earth, this wonderful, giving woman touched many hearts.  She simply made the world a better place.  She will be missed by all who were blessed to know her.

Rest in peace, Sister Margie.  Rest in peace.

6-22-2015 Sunset - RIP Aunt Margie


When the golden sun is setting

And the earth no more you trod

May your name in gold be written

By the sacred hand of God.