Painting or iPhone Pic? That Is The Question.

Recently I have been asked if some of my works were paintings or photographs, hence the title of this post. It’s a valid question, since more and more photography is being sold in art galleries.

As a child, I loved to draw and paint. Truth be known, most of my drawing was done when I should have been paying attention to my teacher, and most of my painting was by numbers. After our children were born, I took up photography, and rarely went anywhere without my camera bag, my Olympus, multiple lens, and rolls of film. That lasted until iPhones were “born,” and my world changed again! A few years ago, my bride gave me a chance to again explore my artistic talent, with a gift certificate for a Wine and Design class. The class gave me a new appreciation for art, and my limits, hence “Cruising North.”

“Cruising North”

In the class I learned several things. One, I was more talented at making wine disappear, than painting. I learned that painting distant objects does not require the same detail and level of expertise as items that are up close. Finally, the class gave me a new appreciation for all forms of art, and a better understanding of why there are so many starving artists. Upon leaving the class, I swore to keep my day job until retirement.

So, the big question: Is “Cruising North” a painting or iPhone pic? Give it your best shot!

Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows. Henry David Thoreau

Oh Captain My Captain

Happy Birthday, Bruce…

In memory of a great friend, gone too soon.

Bruce Fredrick Allcorn

December 23, 1945 ~ October 18, 2020

 Although your smile
 Is sorely missed
 Fond memories linger on.
 And when I think of
 The times that we had
 Only pleasant thoughts
 Are known.
 The sound of your laughter
 Still rings in my ears,
 It's so sad in many a way.
 But I know in the future
 We'll meet again,
 So, I look forward
 To that day.
 Our world’s not
 The same
 Without you my friend...
 Our world’s
 Just not the same.
 “Dickie” T 

Today, in your memory, we will drink 1820 Coffee, and tonight, I will smoke your pipe with your favorite tobacco. As it says on the 1820 bag, “Always with you.”

Rest In Peace, my friend, Rest In Peace.