Welcome aboard TheWriteBoat

TheWriteBoat.  For me, the original WriteBoat was a restored 1977 30-foot Cargile Cutter Cruiser.  It was named SunSmiles, after the working title of a manuscript that I started years ago and have yet to finish.  Today’s WriteBoat is a 2006 Mainship 34T named Slow Dance.  But for you, the write – or right – boat is one that inspires creativity, memories, good times, and good friends.  For my friend, the silhouette artist, song writer, and musician Clay Rice, the right boat was a jon boat that created a bond between three generations and inspired a song that led to a CD.

From the The WriteBoat may flow fact, fiction, music, a poem or two, and other “musings” inspired by an old boat, sand, saltwater, cold beer, family, friends, and of course, a wonderful “cruising canine.”  The original WriteBoat dog was Kippa, a beautiful girl whose dad was a handsome black Lab, and her mom was a show quality, English Springer.  They were never supposed to be “romantically involved,” but you know how things sometimes happen between neighbors.  Today’s WriteBoat girl is “Kate the Mate,” a beautiful rescue from AARF rescue in Winston-Salem, NC.  Kate’s mom was a beautiful Brittany Spaniel, and her dad a handsome Boykin Spaniel, the “Official Dog of South Carolina.”  Like me, her mom was from NC and her father from SC.  Such is life.

Welcome aboard, we’re glad you’re with us.

Kippa by Donna
In 2003, Kippa “rescued” me following the death of my dad and “Vic,” a senior Lab that we had rescued from Labrador Rescue of Raleigh, NC.  Kippa was the consummate cruising canine — she knew exactly what she needed to do the moment she jumped from our car at the marina. In her ten years of cruising with us, she never had a “accident” onboard SunSmiles.
Kate the Mate
“Kate the Mate” was blessed to spend the first three years of her life with Kippa as her mentor.  Kippa’s death had a profound effect on Kate.  Kippa died May 6, 2016, and Kate did not begin to come out of her grief until Christmas.  They had a special bond.  Kate may not have Kippa’s confidence, but she is a sweet and loving girl that simply wants to be with her “mates.”

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