Happy Birthday, Bruce…

In memory of a great friend, gone too soon.

Bruce Fredrick Allcorn

December 23, 1945 ~ October 18, 2020

 Although your smile
 Is sorely missed
 Fond memories linger on.
 And when I think of
 The times that we had
 Only pleasant thoughts
 Are known.
 The sound of your laughter
 Still rings in my ears,
 It's so sad in many a way.
 But I know in the future
 We'll meet again,
 So, I look forward
 To that day.
 Our world’s not
 The same
 Without you my friend...
 Our world’s
 Just not the same.
 “Dickie” T 

Today, in your memory, we will drink 1820 Coffee, and tonight, I will smoke your pipe with your favorite tobacco. As it says on the 1820 bag, “Always with you.”

Rest In Peace, my friend, Rest In Peace.