TheWriteBoat… Or the Right Boat?

What is the Write – or right – Boat?  To me, the Write – or right – Boat is the one that inspires you.  The right boat inspires you to get the most out of life.  The Write Boat inspires your creative energies.  When you look at the boats below, what comes to mind?  Is it a story? A painting? A memory? A person? A moment in time?


My late stepfather got me into boating. I’m reluctant to refer to him as my “stepfather,” because for forty-seven years he was my “dad,” mentor, and very best friend – he called me “Junior” far more than he ever called me by name. To him, I was simply his son. Country music star, Brad Paisley and songwriter, Kelley Lovelace could have easily been writing about him when they wrote Paisley’s hit song, “He Didn’t Have to Be.” Just like in the song, my “dad-to-be” invited me on his first date with Mom, and most dates thereafter.  I wish I had been old and knowledgeable enough to capture pictures of him at the helm of our family boat, and the years of memories of days on High Rock Lake and the waters of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, home of our beach house.

My dad was a “man’s man,” who never felt he had to impress anyone.  Once while sitting around a hotel pool at the beach, a friend’s father, who had attended school with my dad, told me stories of my their high school days.  “Dad” was one of five brothers. He was known as the quiet one that would never start trouble, but always seemed to be around when a bully was picking on a younger or smaller victim. He never started a fight, but he finished his share, and lost one.  He was an even-tempered Southern gentleman that treated my mother as the love of his life, which she was, and never raised his voice at me. He simply commanded, rather than demanding respect.

Our family boat was a beautiful 1960’s vintage Borum mahogany, powered by Evinrude. At the helm of the Borum, I learned boating operation and safety.  Equally important, I was taught respect for other boaters.  Behind the Borum, I learned to water ski.  My first pair of skis – a four-foot pair of J.C. Higgins, sold by Sears & Roebuck – have been repurposed as shelves in the nautical-themed powder room of our home.  I only wish “Dad” was alive to enjoy cruising with me on Slow Dance.  He loved being on the water, and onboard the Mainship, I could have repaid him for all the memorable moments he treated me to as a child.

SO, write boat or right boat?  Slow Dance is a little of both.  It’s the right boat for my wife and I to cruise the ICW and beyond.  In many ways it seems designed for an aging, retired couple to safely cruise. But for me, it’s also the Write Boat to take us to inspiring destinations while enjoying Mother Nature’s equally inspiring beauty along the way.



Welcome aboard TheWriteBoat, “Slow Dance.”

Oh Captain My Captain