Project Boat: 1986 Citation 2300 HT

With the sale of SunSmiles, I decided our next boat would be smaller, yet comfortable for weekend cruising.  While scanning, I stumbled…and I mean stumbled, because it wasn’t “properly” listed in the Boats category…across a Citation 2300 HT. The listing included a picture, but little information about the boat.  The picture of a 21-foot hardtop boat captured my imagination. The more I learned about the boat, the more I had to see it. I knew enough about boat trailers to know that in this area the trailer alone was worth more than the asking price of the complete rig.

The last time that my wife and I had driven to Edisto Island, SC, we returned with a puppy.  Needless to say, my wife feared I couldn’t drive to Edisto Island without returning with SOMETHING.  Also needless to say is that the boat I saw on had NOT captured her imagination!  Fortunately for me, she is a tolerant soul, and we’re now owners of a 1986 Citation 2300 HT “project boat.”

As seen on CraigsList
1986 Citation 2300 HT, as seen on CraigsList

Hopefully, by posting the name of the manufacturer and pictures of the old boat, another Citation owner or two will come forward and share pictures and stories.

First day home 2
In describing 10-years of neglect, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Needless to say, the first order of cleaning required bleach, a strong power washer, and patience.


Clean at last.  Old motor and outdrive removed.  Next comes a new transom, outboard bracket, and 200 HP outboard.

Stay turned as this old girl evolves!